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           Quality Prints for any Environment!

Economical / Cost Effective Sign Solutions

Whether an economic, aesthetic or durable sign display is required we have the perfect sign solution for your facility.

Full Color Quality Printing

The latest in digital flat-bed printer technology delivers prints with crisp colors and razor sharp graphics -- Precision cut with CNC routers.

High Durability / Weather Resistant

Quality UV cured inks prevent fading in direct sunlight.
Environmentally friendly ink - no solvents used.

Evacuation Map Prints & Placards

Digital Prints to Acrylic, Metal or PVC

  • High durability sign placards - Great for schools, hotels and manufacturing
    Whether a durable back-of-door egress signs is required for a hotel, or water-proof building evacuation signs are required for your manufacturing facility, our line of placards will meet any environmental, aesthetic or economic requirement. 

  • Crisp colors and sharp graphics using the latest in print technology
    Durable Eco-Friendly inks are UV cured and provide vivid prints with long lasting color. Printing to plastics, acrylic or metal has never been easier.
  • Signs precision-cut by CNC routers
    Our CNC technology provides laser precision; signs can be cut to any size or shape. Safety-round corners and per-drilled holes for screw fastening is complimentary.

FREE Quote - receive custom printed signs of your artwork within days.

Sintra (PVC sign)


• Digital print to 1/8" plastic (PVC)
• Full color surface print
• Matte finish
• Pre-drilled or with tape backing

AC (acrylic sign)

High Durability

• Sub-surface digital print to 1/8"acrylic
• Artwork hermetically sealed; PVC backer
• Durable non-glare surface
• Pre-drilled or with tape backing

AGE (acrylic sign) Stand-Off System


• Sub-surface print to 1/4" or 3/8" acrylic
• Mounting with stand-off hardware
• Polished edges for glass-like appearance
• Glossy surface; pre-drilled mounting holes

WAL (white aluminum sign)

White Metal Surface

• Digital print to 1/8" aluminum plaque
• White surface
• Non-glare
• Pre-drilled or with tape backing

BRAL (brushed aluminum sign)

Brushed Metal Surface

• Digital print to 1/8" aluminum plaque
• Brushed aluminum surface
• Glare-surface
• Pre-drilled or with tape backing

Electronic Delivery (PDF files)

PDF files

• Evacuation diagram development
• Artwork delivered as printable PDF files