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California Evacmap Requirements

Commercial buildings 2 levels or larger require evacuation maps to be posted in the lobby, by elevator banks and by the entrance to stairwells.

Evacuation maps must be at least 144 sqaure inches (12“x12“) in size and be printed to a non-glare surface.

California’s title 19 contains the strictest regulations imposed on evacuation map design of any state. Title 19 requires that the floor plan, the icons and all text adhere to minimum size and color requirements. There are additional regulations that may change depending on the city. Maps may require the approval of the local fire marshal.

Let our team of expert designers create your California evacuation maps properly and up to code.


-Icons must adhere to a specific style and  minumum size requirements.

-All hallways must be at minumum 1/4’’ in width.

-The text “In case of fire use stairways, do not use elevators“ is required for any building with elevators.

-All text on the map must adhere to a minumum size requirement.