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Curved Aluminum Extrusions (PC)

Convex signs require a length of extrusion and 2 end caps. There are many size, color and style options.    

Basic sign components include:

  • An aluminum sign extrusion
  • Removable clear plastic cover
  • Choice of PVC or Alumunim end caps



Premier Convex end caps are available in plastic or aluminum. Plastic end caps are available in black, grey, red, green, blue, yellow and brown. Aluminum end caps can be black, silver or painted a custom color. Custom paint colors can be chosen from: Pantone Color System or Mathews Color Wheel.

How to Order your sign

To receive a quote on selected products, select your extrusion size from the list below and then specify your custom frame length.

Example: for signs requiring a 5.78’’x12’’ paper insert; select the PC150 with a length of 12’’ (PC150 x 12)