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Glow-In-The-Dark Sign Holders

A sudden storm or a man-made disaster can easily knock out power and throw your building into total darkness.

Photoluminescent (PL) technology allows building evacuation plans, exit signs and path marking systems to illuminate the direction direction following a power failure.

Photoluminescent sign holders and signs provide safety instructions following a power failure. 
High-Glow photoluminescent material is incorporated into our EvacGlow PL casements allowing for illumination of the evacuation graphics for hours! 

(after 10 minutes in darkness (ASTM/DIN), our PL displays provide over 200 mc/m² illumination - the highest available on the market)

Upgrade your standard evacuation diagrams so they can be visible during a blackout.
Simply print your graphics to clear film transparencies and place artwork into a High-Glow PL Casement.

PLIN - Aluminum Trim Casement

• Matte aluminum frame & back (custom-cut)
• Clear non-glare 3/16’’ plastic lens cover
• Hidden mounting holes
• Pre-drilled or mount with VHB tape (extra)
• Holds transparency print insert (extra)

PLAL - Solid Aluminum Casement

-Solid aluminum extrusion - Curved profile
-Anodized silver finish (black or gold option)
-Hidden mounting holes
-A wide variety of sizes available (custom-cut)
-PVC or aluminum end caps
-Holds Acetate print insert (extra)