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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I order our evacuation maps and signs from EvacDisplays (Pictographix, Inc.)?

Pictographix has been an online supplier of building evacuation maps and related since 2003. Having provided EvacMap signs to every industry sector and every building occupancy type in all jurisdictions, we understand building evacuation maps and  regulatory requirements.

Our strength begins with a dedicated team of trained project managers that work with clients to provide customized evacuation sign systems that meet local ordinances and company EAP requirements. To this end, evacuation maps are customized to meet client safety requirements and to meet local, national and international safety standards. EvacMap diagrams are designed for optimum legibility and funftionallity; our line of prints and sign holders have been carefully selected to meet all environmental and aesthetic needs.

Using state of the art printing and CNC cutting technology, we offer the largest display selection of print options including prints to metal, PVC and acrylic. Evacuation maps and safety signs can be printed and precision cut to any shape or size and all client artwork is electronically archived on secure servers if sign replacement or revisions are required in the future. 

What if we cannot provide floor plans of our facility?

To create building evacuation diagram, we will require architectural floor plans.

If architectural plans are missing, contacting the engineering department at your local city hall is a good start. Floor plans of most commercial buildings are kept on file and a digital copy can be released to authorized individuals. Another source would be to contact the architect.

If large format paper prints (blueprints) are available, simply photograph the print (from directly overhead) and send by email. We also digitize blueprints as needed.




What is the most durable and vandal resistant Casement choice?

The AC (acrylic) placard is our most durable and vandal resistant sign. Your artwork is reverse printed to the back of the acrylic material and a pvc backer is applied - artwork is hermetically sealed making the artwork scratch and water proof.

I require a sign solution for a humid, moist environment and/or outdoors. Which product should I choose?

We recommend the AC 1/8'' Acrylic Plaque mounted with stainless steel hardware.

The AC product is our most durable print product.

The artwork is reverse printed to acrylic, a Sintra (PVC) backer is applied to the back hermetically sealing the artwork between the two layers. The print is protected from moisture, weather and all elements. Mount the sign with stainless steel stand-off hardware to prevent rust.

Our facility is a food processing plant and the facility is frequently washed and disinfected. Which sign product is best?

We recommend the AC 1/8'' Acrylic Placard mounted with stainless steel hardware.

The AC sign is our most durable placard and is resistant to most disinfectants, detergents and chemicals used in disinfecting.

The artwork is reverse printed to acrylic and a PVC backer is applied to the sign back hermetically sealing the artwork between the two layers. The print is protected from moisture, weather and all elements. Fasten with stainless steel stand-off hardware to prevent rust and mold build-up behind the sign.


How do I mount my display to the wall?

Casements: Depending on the product model, many casements include hidden screw holes for easy mounting with screws. If screws are not an option, our VHB permenant mounting tape will hold any casement securely to the wall for years.

Printed Plaques: With printed plaques, we offer the option for pre-drilled mounting holes. With pre-drilled mounting holes, the plaque can be screwed directly to the wall using standard screws or specialty stand-off hardware. Another option is our VHB permanent mounting tape which will hold any display (except AGE 3/8'' acrylic) securely to the wall for years.

Special case: the AGE 3/8'' Acrylic Stand-Off plaque can only be mounted with stand-off mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes.


Should I print my evacuation diagram to paper media or print to a sign placard?

Printing artwork graphics to paper:

- Paper prints in sign holders are easily interchangeable.
- Allows you to print sign graphics in-house.

- Paper prints offer limited size options if printing in-house.
- Paper media can disfigure/discolor over time due to humidity/light.
- Casements not suitable for wet/humid environments.
- Sign holders with paper prints are generally more expensive.

Prints to rigid sign material: 

- Economical print solutions to sign media is available. 
- Graphics can be printed to wide range of materials (acrylic, metal, PVC).
- Unlimited sign size and shapes available - CNC router cut signs.
- Suitable for wet/humid environments.
- All signs are printed using quality UV cured ink which are fade resistant for 5-7 years.
- Signs can be mounted by tape or decorative hardware (stand-offs).

- Sign must be replaced if revising evacuation diagrams.


What other types of signage does Pictographix provide?

A sign solution is available for any message or image. We often design and print directional, safety and infographics signage including commercial directories for our clients.

What kind of files should I send when printing my own artwork?

Please send all artwork files in a high resolution (300dpi) raster format: JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PNG. We prefer the JPEG format which produces excelent print results with an efficient file size. Please convert your images to one of the above mentioned formats before sending.

How large of a file can I upload?

You can upload files up to 50 MB in size. Should your images be larger than 50 MB, the best place to start would be checking that they are saved in JPEG format (TIFF's generally produce larger file sizes at no real advantage for print quality). If you need further assistance with file sizing, please contact us for details.

How do I upload my files?

Access to the file upload system is granted to those who have received a quote. Along with your quote through e-mail, we have provided a file upload ticket number. Proceed to the File Upload section of our website and enter your unique ticket number to access the file upload system. Upload your file there. You can return to the file upload page after leaving using the same ticket number.

Shipping & Production

How long does production take?

Production of printed media and the custom sizing of casements can take between 5 to 10 business days.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping can vary depending on your location. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate. You will be notified and receive a tracking number when your oder is shipped.