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School, College & Dormitory Evacuation Maps

As with most public use facilities, your local fire code will require posted emergency evacuation diagrams throughout the facility. The information presented on the diagram, its size and wall location will vary according to the local fire ordinance requirements as well as the requirements of your Emergency Action Plan/Fire Plan. 

If developing Evacuation Diagrams for your school:

Consider an evacuation sign display that is durable, vandal resistant and easy to maintain.

  • Post evacuation maps in hallways and high-traffic areas (cafeteria).
  • In some jurisdictions, evacuation diagrams are required in each classroom.
  • Consider the sign and font size for optimum legibility (min. size requirements in California).
  • Vandal-resistant durable signs are highly recommended.
  • Fasten evacuation signs using screws (required in some jurisdictions).
  • Indicate your post evacuation assembly area - Mini Site Map.
  • Dormitories are classified as Transient Occupancy Buildings and require a building evacuation diagram in each room.

Indicate a mini Site-Map on your diagrams
The site map indicates the building footprint, adjacent buildings and roads and the location of the post evacuation 
"Assembly Area" or "Meeting Area". Following an evacuation, the building occupants can congregate at a designated assembly areas where Floor Wardens can perform a head-count.

Indicating Severe Weather Shelters
Facilities located in areas with a high risk of sever weather should allocate safe areas of refuge to building occupants.
A safe Area of Refuge can be any location inside or underneath the building that has reinforced wall (cement) and no windows.



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For over 15 years, Pictographix has provided thousands of code compliant building evacuation diagrams to educational institutes across North America. Custom evacuation diagrams and quality placards and sign holders are available to suite any budget and aesthetic requirement.  

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All projects are catalogued and securely archived so if future revisions or sign replacements become necessary, we can easily create new signs as needed. 

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