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Manufacturing & Warehouse Evacuation Maps

Unlimited Fire and Safety Icons

When developing building evacuation maps for a warehouse or manufacturing facility, consideration must be given not only to your "safety message" but also to the floor plan scale, sign size and sign material. 

Good sign design does make a difference. Fire evacuation diagrams requiring a full floor plan layout should be paired with a suitable sign size. Legibility issues arise when large scale floor plan are reduced to fit a small art board size. A basic building evacuation diagram must accommodate a legend (map key), written safety instructions, sign header; all of which should be presented with legible text and uncluttered layout for maximum

As with all sign projects, the sign material, durability and maintenance requirements should be considered. Sign system selection should be based on environmental requirements. For example, a vandal resistant and maintenance friendly sign is a higher priority in schools than office environments. Similarly, signs placed in a high humidity environment (food processing plant), should be water waterproof and the use of Stand-Off mounting hardware should be considered to mitigate mold accumulation.

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  • Graphic Solutions for Large Facilities (>100,000 sq. ft./level):- Sectioned Floor Plan layout - Floor plan sectioned into zones (smaller sign).
    - Full Floor Plan layout - Depicts the entire floor plan (large size placards).

  • Sign Solutions for demanding or High Humidity Environments:
    - Choose an impact resistant or waterproof sign substrates: Acrylic & Metal
    - To mitigate mold build-up in high humidity, use: Stand-Off hardware.

  • Post Evacuation Assembly Area / Muster Point labeling:
    - Indicate a Site Map with Assembly Area, building foot print and road access on diagrams.


Post an Evacuation Map in your Lobby/Front Entrance.

An evacuation map at the entrance area will provide First Responders access to vital information about your facility. Information such as the floor plan details for search and rescue or the location of utility shut-off points and hazardous chemicals provide invaluable support during an emergency.

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