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Hotel Evacuation Maps

Hotels, motels, dormitories and shelters are classified as "Transient Occupancy Buildings". As such, the local fire code will require the posting of evacuation diagrams in each guest room throughout the facility.

Basic Requirements for Hotels, Motels and Transient Occupancies:

- All guest rooms require an evacuation diagram indicating egress routes to exits.
- An evacuation diagram must be posted at each elevator bank and at all staircase entrances (California only).
- An emergency evacuation diagram must indicate the viewer's location (You Are Here).
- A minimum of two evacuation routes to fire exits must be shown.

- Fire extinguishers and Fire Alarm Pull Stations must be indicated where required.
- Written safety instructions (Call 9-1-1) as indicated by your fire code or Emergency Action Plan.
- Signs should be permanently fastened.
- Vandal and tamper resistant signs are recommended.

The Hotel/Motel Innkeepers Act.

If your establishment requires the posting of the local Innkeepers Act, Room Rates or Liability Clause, let us know. We can incorporate your custom requirements into EvacMap room signs or create a separate sign as needed. 

Corporate Branding & Logo Included.

All our evacuation diagrams are tailored to your facility and safety requirements. Corporate branding (logo/colors), custom evacuation instructions, safety icons and instructions are included at no additional cost.

Free Quotes — Expert Service - Quality Signs

For over 15 years, Pictographix has provided thousands of code compliant building evacuation diagrams to resorts, hotels and motels across North America and the Caribbean. Custom evacuation diagrams and quality placards and sign holders are available to suit any budget and aesthetic requirement.  

To receive a free no-obligation quote, simply complete the Quote Request Form indicating the required products. To receive a firm quote for graphic development, forward us your floor plans; it's that simple!

All projects are catalogued and securely archived so if future revisions or sign replacements become necessary, we can easily create new signs as needed. 

Call 1-800-504-3822 or email us at info@evacdisplays.com for free consultation.