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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Building evacuation maps are deployed across healthcare occupancies to facilitate building evacuation during an emergency. Simplified floor plans depict evacuation routes to nearby exits and provide life safety information to staff and visitors during an emergency. 

It is important to know that the national Fire Protection Association NFPA does not require evacuation maps in healthcare facilities; however, fire codes do vary between jurisdictions and the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) would mandate evacuation map requirements as needed.

Institute specific accreditation programs such as AAAHC, HFAP or the The Joint Commission would expect compliance as per local fire code requirements.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams - Sign Placement and Design

  • Evacuation Diagrams should be posted on every floor, near staircases, at elevators and high-traffic hallway areas.

  • The action to be taken during a fire (smoke) or when the fire alarm sounds should be stated.

  • A viewer locator icon (You Are Here) must be indicated with primary and secondary evacuation routes to exits. 

  • Floor plans should be properly oriented to the sign viewer.

  • The sign graphics, text size and color should be designed for optimal legibility.

  • Depending on the diagram (sign) size, large scale floor plans should be sectioned to maintain legibility.

  • The ideal sign display should be durable, washable and meet aesthetic requirements. 
    (recommended display)

Written safety instructions (Do Not Use Elevator, call 911, etc.) can accompany the evacuation diagram, including a post evacuation assembly area map. Most important though, the emergency evacuation diagram must deliver your evacuation routes and critical safety information in a clear an legible manner.

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Why Post an Evacuation Map in your Lobby Entrance?

An evacuation map also provides First Responders with vital floor plan details.
If unfamiliar with your facility, a First Responder might remove an evacuation diagrams for directional guidance through the building!