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EvacMap Graphic Services

How to Order Building Evacuation Maps

All you need is a copy of your floor plans and our design team does the rest. Easy-to-read, code complaint Evacuation Diagrams are customized to your Emergency Action Plan.


Custom Designs

Each project is tailored to the facility and safety requirements. Fire exits with evacuation routes, safety equipment and even Severe Weather Shelter and Assembly Area are clearly indicated. 

OSHA & IFC Compliant

Our building evacuation maps comply with OSHA, IFC and NFPA standards.         Diagrams are designed to meet local and regional fire code requirements.

We Know How to Create Building Evacuation Maps.

For over 20 years, Pictographix has designed and fabricated thousands of emergency evacuation signs for U.S., Canadian and international customers. Our clients trust us to create the most important safety signs in their facility.

Having designed building evacuation diagrams for just about every facility type, we can help create a custom design suitable for your facility.

One-Stop EvacMap services include:

  • Free consultation.
  • Free detailed quotes.
  • Made-to-order evacuation map sign layout.
  • Includes re-drafted floor plans of your facility.
  • Unlimited labeling of fire, safety equipment and fire exits.
  • Custom safety icon design.
  • Sign locations labeled with "YOU ARE HERE".
  • Labeling of primary and secondary evacuation routes from each sign locator.
  • Symbols legend itemizing all map icons.
  • Color elements highlight egress/non-egress areas.
  • Assembly Area / Gathering Point labeled on diagrams as needed.
  • Branding / logo placement on diagrams as needed
  • Artwork delivered as PDF files for archiving.
  • Large selection of print and sign holder options.

Custom evacuation map sample

Call today and speak with a friendly representative: 1-800-504-3822

Custom evacuation map production