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Workplace Building Evacuation Procedures

Learn How To Evacuate Your Building Safety.

As you walk through your facility, note the location of all fire exits and consult the emergency evacuation diagrams posted near your work area.
Emergency evacuation instructions similar to below should be found in your workplace Emergency Action Plan.

1. Remain calm and stop your work.

  • Shut down equipment that could become unstable or present a fire hazard.
  • Gather your personal belongings such as medicine, glasses and purse.

2. Follow EXIT signs to evacuate the building.

  • Use evacuation routes designated on your Building Evacuation Map.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Use the nearest stairway.
  • Help those who need special assistance, such as disabled persons and small children.
  • Before opening doors make sure they are not hot. Use another door if door if hot..
  • Close all doors behind you.

3. Report to your designated assembly area.

  • Once outside, remain in your designated assembly area for a head count.
  • Report missing individuals to emergency responders.
  • Notify emergency responders if dangerous chemicals or equipment are in your building.

4. Wait for instructions from emergency responders.

  • Remain outside at your designated Assembly Area until further notice
  • Do not re-enter the building unless authorized by the local authority (fire department, police).